Latin, Ballroom and Social Dance Studios in Queens & Long Island

Dance Reverie is a dance studio in the Forest Hills area of Queens, New York & Mineola of Long Island, New York that offers students of all levels and ages the ability to learn to dance and even participate in dance competitions. We offer private and group dance classes. We can fully customize your dance lessons to fit your needs and the approach you want to take. Dance Reverie can fulfill all of your performance needs, from learning ballroom dances like tango, waltz, and swing, to contemporary dances. We also can help with parties and other special occasions. Give us a call! (347) 770-6434 for Queens or (516) 418-6434 for Long Island


Planning a wedding?

Dance Reverie can help with your wedding dance. We can help you choreograph your wedding dance, help pick a song, and have you feeling confident and ready to dance regardless of how much time you have until your wedding. For more information about wedding dances, take a look at our wedding dance page.

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Dance Classes

Wedding Dance & Choreography

Available 7 days a week

Dance Reverie can help with your wedding dance. Whether it’s the type of dance to choose, the song, or if you want to create a completely original routine, we can make your wedding vision come true! For more information, look at our wedding dance page.

Tango Class

Every Monday at 7 pm

The tango is a classic Latin and ballroom dance. This is one of the most famous Latin dances and is known for its exciting costumes and smooth, eye-catching movements. At Dance Reverie, you can learn the Argentine Tango or other variations, including the American version of the tango.

Salsa & Latin Dance Class

Every Tuesday at 7 pm

Salsa is one of the most famous Latin and ballroom dances. At Dance Reverie, you can learn to salsa like the pros. Learn the steps and hip movements and even take your salsa to the next level at dance competitions.

Waltz & Foxtrot Class

Every Thursday at 7 pm

Dance Reverie’s professional instructors can teach you to waltz and foxtrot. Waltz is considered the grandfather of ballroom dancing. Foxtrot is a fast paced and fun dance with an upbeat tempo. These are two popular ballroom dances you can learn at Dance Reverie.

Friday Night Social Dancing

once a month from 8 pm to 11 pm

Join us Friday nights for group social dancing. Come alone, bring friends, and enjoy an active night out! Dance the night away and pick up some dancing pointers along the way.

Walk In – Dance Out!

Our Dance Instructors


Kyle is an experienced dancer with over 10 years of dancing and teaching experience. Kyle incorporates his years of sport and martial arts into his dancing and movements. Kyle has a strong grasp of movement and how to perform fluid dance movements. Kyle’s passion is teaching and helping students become great dancers and increase their self-awareness.


Irene has been dancing for a long time. She has been performing since she was 10 years old. Her dancing is versatile. In addition to the number of dances and varieties she knows, Irene can also take the role of the leader. Irene is a certified teacher and can help you prepare for dancing competitions.


Kari has been dancing since she was a child. She took dancing lessons and also performed ballet, jazz and tap dance. Kari then pursued equestrian dressage but rediscovered her passion for dancing after joining Dance Reverie as a student. She then began training as an instructor. Once she became an instructor, Kari focused on developing her students’ confidence and abilities.


I always loved to dance, and decided to try a lesson to learn to tango. I always found the dance mesmerizing and sexy and always wanted to learn it, but I always thought it would be too difficult. I was wrong, the way they taught tango at Dance Reverie, was easy enough and it was also a lot of fun to learn. I ended up trying out the tango and salsa in one lesson. I will be going back for more lessons. The place itself was nice and the teacher was friendly and made me feel comfortable and from just one lesson I learned and at the same had fun because of the pleasant and relaxed atmosphere I got to have fun.
Gina B. (Yelp)

At Dance Reverie, whether you want to get some exercise, become a serious dancer who participates in competitions, or just pick up some moves, you’ve come to the right place. Our caring instructors will give you the instruction and guidance you need to learn Latin, Ballroom, or modern dances. You can approach your dance lessons as seriously or casually as you want.