Want to dance? Want to be more social? Want to be the life of a party? Looking for a fun hobby? Come into Dance Reverie and we will make all those dreams come true! We’ll make a dancer out of you!

In our studio you can learn Latin, Ballroom and social dancing in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. We offer a wide variety of classes from private to semi-private to group lessons to suit your needs, level and budget. We also specialize in choreography for special occasions. We can choreograph a routine and teach you the dance for any occasion from birthdays to weddings.

Our staff is professional, friendly, and enthusiastic with a combined teaching experience of more than 15 years. We will help you not only learn to dance but to also enjoy it.

Our Dance Instructors:


Kari first became interested in dancing as a child, taking lessons and performing in recitals for ballet, jazz and tap. She moved away from dancing to pursue a passion for the equestrian discipline of dressage (not a far cry from dancing, as dressage is often considered a dance between horse and rider). Kari’s interest in dancing was renewed upon discovering Dance Reverie dance studio as a student, where she quickly transitioned into the instructor training program. In her teaching, Kari’s focus is on developing students’ skills so they build the confidence to go out and enjoy dancing in a social environment.



Kyle has over 10 years experience in dancing and teaching. Drawing not only from studying his own movements and that of his students while dancing, but also from his years of sports and practicing martial arts, Kyle has developed an understanding of the human body and its movement, and how even the most subtle of changes in position or execution can take something from being a complicated dance into something you can do with ease and grace in record time. Kyle’s teaching methods draw from this understanding of movement, and he has a talent for helping his students develop a greater self awareness so they are moving and dancing with intention, as opposed to merely teaching them a series of choreographed steps to execute. The goal of dancing is to enjoy one’s self, your partner and the music, and not to feel like you’re back in school.