The following are some of the dance classes we offer. We can go beyond the dances listed here. Dance Reverie can even work with you on choreographing your own custom dance. Click below to learn more about what you can expect to learn with each dance, some basic steps, the history and origins of these famous dances.

Whether you are looking to stay active, perform in competitions, or prepare for a wedding, Dance Reverie has the instructors and ability to help!

Cha Cha

cha cha classThe cha cha or cha-cha-cha is a staple of modern ballroom dancing. Like many ballroom dances, its origin is in Cuba. The dance involves fast leg and hip movements and has a 4/4 time signature. Although the feet move quickly and the hips are moved, the torso should remain relatively still. The dance is often performed to fast pop beats or traditional Latin music. Learn more


salsa classThe salsa is a popular dance that originated in New York City with strong influences from Latin America. A combination of the cha cha, mambo, hustle, and other dances, the salsa is a fast dance that involves hip movements and rapid steps while moving the arms and shoulders. Like many dances, various styles of salsa evolved across the world. Differently styles of salsa can be differentiated through the arm and shoulder movements. Learn more


samba classSamba is a quintessential Brazilian dance with African origins. Still very popular in Brazil, samba is a beautiful ballroom dance that many ballroom dance students choose to learn. Due to the high pace of the dance, it is one of the more challenging ballroom dances to perform. Samba is characterized by tilting hips and quick quarter-beat steps. Learn more


rumba classRumba is another ballroom dance with Afro-Cuban origins. However, the modern ballroom rumba should not be confused with its early ancestor. The two dances are completely different in dance movements and tempos. Rumba is considered one of the slower ballroom dances although historically was performed at a higher tempo. The rumba can be seen across the globe at various clubs, dance studios, and competitions. Nearly all ballroom dance students study and perform the rumba at some point. Learn more


swing classThe swing dance is an upbeat rhythmic group dance that became prominent during the jazz era of the 20s and 30s. Throughout history, there were various forms of the swing dance. The ballroom version is different from these early American dances. The ballroom swing is a slower dance performed on 4/4 time. Learn more


waltz classThe waltz is one of the most widely known and commonly performed dances. The Viennese Waltz refers to the modern quick-paces waltz. Once considered riotous and immoral in the early 19th century, today the waltz is views as elegant and regal. A simple and enjoyable dance, the waltz is a dance many students learn in the early stages of their ballroom dancing lessons. Learn more

Wedding Dance

wedding dance lessonsThe wedding dance is one of the most special portions of any wedding. Regardless of your timing, availability, approach to the wedding dance, we can fully customize your experience. Our wedding dance instructors have worked with many couples to create amazing memories for them. If you’re unsure about what dance style to perform, song to choose, don’t have a lot of time, or even have never danced before, we can work around your needs and get you up and dancing by the time your wedding day comes! Click here to read more about wedding dance lessons


merengue classMerengue is a prominent ballroom couple dance with its origin in the Caribbean. Like the tango, many variations exist of the merengue. The dance gained traction and became more popular in the 20th century and is now commonly taught to ballroom dancers. The dance is fast, rhythmic, and not difficult to learn. In addition to the dance, merengue is also a genre of music that is a perfect fit the dance due to its fast beats. Learn more


Great dance studio. The instructors are very professional and care about their students a lot! My (now) husband and I took several lessons for our 1st wedding dance there & everyone at the wedding raved that it was the classiest best 1st dance they've seen. The studio said they advise against teaching choreography, but rather they teach how to dance to the music, so on the day of, it is completely natural & not just a rehearsed routine. Soo glad we went with them!!! Thanks again for teaching us & making it a most memorable day!!
Kathleen P. (Facebook)