Cha-Cha Dance Class in NYC


One of the simpler dances and a favorite of beginning ballroom dance students everywhere, the cha-cha-cha requires quick footwork and a moderate degree of hand movements. The cha-cha is danced to a quick temp at 128 beats per minute on a 4/4 meter. At Dance Reverie, you can walk in and dance the cha-cha out the door in no time. For beginners, we start off by teaching you the basic movements to lay the foundation of more complex movements later on. First, you will be taught the closed and open basic movements. Next, we will master the famous New York, spot turns, underarm turns in both directions, and the shoulder to shoulder. After grasping these basic concepts, you will then be introduced to more intermediate movements such as the hockey stich, alemana, spiral and Cuban breaks.

A syllabus of some of the beginner level moves you will learn
  • Closed Basic Movement – this move is performed in a closed position facing your partner. You will take a forward and back break and alternate with a chasse to the side.
  • Open basic Movement – this move is performed in an open position facing your partner. Take a forward break with your left foot followed by a chasse or back lock. Next, take a right foot back break followed by a chasse or forward lock.
  • Standing Basic Movement – this move is used by teachers to introduce cha-cha movements to students. This movement is just a series of steps that one has to know for more advanced cha-cha moves.
  • New York – One of the most famous cha-cha moves. This move begins in a closed position facing your partner. You will then face away from your partner and turn side by side to one another with the free hand extending into the air or held on your waist.
  • Spot Turn – this famous move is simple and a staple of the cha-cha. Basically, you let go of your partner and turn 360 degrees. However, spot turns come in different varieties and can be performed in a number of different ways.
  • Underarm Turns – underarm turns are best described as spot turns by the female under the male’s arm.

A list of a few advanced moves
  • Shoulder to Shoulder
  • Hand to Hand
  • 3 Cha-Cha
  • Side Steps
  • Hockey Stick
  • Closed Hip Twist
  • Cuban Break
  • Time steps
  • There and back
  • Alamena
  • Fan
  • Curl
  • Spiral
  • Cross Basic

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