Merengue Dance Class in NYC


The merengue is a classic Latin dance with beautiful movements. Ballroom dance students love this dance due to its colorful costumes and fun, rhythmic movements. This is not a difficult dance to learn and in only a few lessons many students learn the basics. You can choose to learn the merengue before other dances or after learning other dances. As with many Latin dances, the merengue will improve your movements and is a great workout to keep a healthy lifestyle. When learning the mernegue, you will learn the basic steps of the dance. We will then focus on the curved side basic moves, the push away, the lady wrap, and the lady unwind. The merengue is a flexible dance with moves common to other dances. Many of the moves in the merengue can be used in other dances like the cha cha and salsa.

Beginner merengue steps we will cover are
  • Basic step – the lead shift his weight from the right foot to the left foot with the left foot sliding inward. The follower performs the opposite steps.
  • Turns – merengue involves a lot of turning. Some turn types are underhand turns where the female goes under the males arm while turning.

As the student becomes more comfortable with the basics, more advanced moves will be taught, including hip movements to enhance the flair of the dance.

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