Rumba Dance Class in NYC


The rumba is a popular dance among ballroom dancers and is known for its hypnotizing hip movements. Rumba has some similarities and steps to its cousin the cha-cha-cha. When beginning to learn the rumba, as with many other dances, we will learn the basic steps and turns such as the New York, spot turns, and cucaracha. Once you grasp these moves, we can move on to incorporate more movements with the steps. These movements include the shoulder to shoulder, progressive steps, and other movements that one sees in the cha-cha-cha. To complete one’s rumba education, we encourage our students to choose to learn the most advanced rumba moves, including the three alemenas, sliding doors, and advanced hip twists. Although you can show off your rumba moves and look great without the advanced movements, we like to see our students become fluent in ballroom dancing under our instruction.

A syllabus of some beginner moves you will learn
  • Basic Steps – These can be danced in either closed or open positions. Your left foot goes forward then while shifting your weight to your right foot, put your left foot to the side and a little back. Follow this with your right foot going back and to the side.
  • Cucaracha – This move begins by facing towards your partner in a closed position, then taking your left foot to the side and bringing it back to your right foot.
  • New York – this move works by going shoulder to shoulder with your partner and extending your free hand into the air or holding it on your waist.
  • Spot turn – this is a basic move where the partner turns 360 degrees.

Here are some of the intermediate moves we will cover
  • Shoulder to Shoulder
  • Hand to Hand
  • Cuban Rock
  • Alemana
  • Fan
  • Aida
  • Spiral
  • Hockey Stick
  • Natural Top
  • Open Hip Twist
  • Reverse Top
  • Curl

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