Salsa Dance Class in NYC


Salsa is a popular Latin ballroom dance that many students elect to learn. In salsa, steps are normally taken with the ball of the foot with the weight transferring when the heel comes down. In general, the partners hold hands above the waist at approximately a 45 degree angle to the body. As with nearly all dances, the first thing you will learn is the basic steps of the salsa. Once you learn to “walk” the salsa, you will then be taught several basic turns. Like other social dances, you will have to learn to read your partner’s moves and sync together. Moving up the difficulty scale, you will then start learning additional moves and steps to become a more complete salsa dancer. As you learn more movements and steps, you can begin acquiring more advanced techniques and movements that one would see in dance competitions. These include steps, hip movements and arm movements.

Here is a syllabus of some beginner moves we will cover
  • Basic Salsa Steps – the basic salsa steps involve going forward and backward rock steps in a closed position.
  • Underarm Turn – this is a famous salsa dance move where the lady turns under the male’s arm. She can turn to her left or the right.
  • Cross body lead – this move combines the basic salsa steps with a turn.

More advanced moves that will be covered include
  • Hand Pushes
  • Stop and Go
  • Back Passes
  • Hammerlocks
  • Hand Slide
  • Check and Turn
  • Elbow Push

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