Swing Dance Class in NYC


The swing is an interesting dance that has several variations. If desired, you may choose to learn all the styles since overall they are not significantly different from one another. Swing dance variations include the East Coast and West Coast swing and the American Style East Coast Swing. All of these types will begin with studying the basic movement first. This includes the open and closed positions. After you become comfortable with both positions, we will show you how to perform the throwout, the underarm turns, and links. Once you understand these moves, we will work on other elements of swing, such as incorporating arm movements and advanced movements while focusing on individual performance and integrating what you learned with a dance partner. This is a fun social dance anyone can learn!

Below are some entry level steps we will cover
  • Basic step – the basic step is a 6-8 count metronome like pattern. This step consists of a kleft chasse by the lead and another chasse to the lead’s right followed by both doing a rock stop away from one another before joining again.
  • Throwout – the throwout is a turn step where partners go from a closed to open position and performing a chasse together. This move is the building block for further moves in the swing.
  • Underarm turn – In this move, the female turns under the male’s arm. There are more advanced variations of this turn taught later.

Intermediate and advanced moves covered later include
  • Hammerlock
  • Cuddle Wrap
  • Back Pass
  • Overhead Loops
  • Spins and Backheels
  • Chicken Walk
  • Texas Tommy

NOTE: We are happy to teach different variations of the swing, including the east and west coast swing.

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