Waltz Dance Class in NYC


The waltz is an interesting ballroom dance and like the swing, contains several variations. There is the Viennese Waltz and Slow Waltz, with both having an American style dance for a total of four waltz variations! We can choose which variation is right for your needs or dancing style and even teach you all variations. Some styles are faster while others focus on longer glides. We will begin by going over the closed changes and natural turns. Once you become comfortable with these introductory steps, we will proceed to turns, whisks, and glides. As you acquire more knowledge of the dance, we will go over more advanced and intricate moves. We can even help you choreograph your own style and variations since the dance can be customized. Depending on the level you want to achieve, we can help you grasp a basic understanding of the dance for social events or prepare you for dance competitions.

A basic overview of some beginner moves we will cover
  • Closed changes – this is a three step move where you will go forward, to the side and then close.
  • Natural turn – this is a six step move where the lead rotates over the period of six steps.
  • Spin turn – this move combines the spin turn and pivot.
  • Whisk – this is a three step move that begins in a closed position with the lead opening the follower to an open promenade position with both crossing the moving leg behind their standing leg.

More advanced moves to be taught include
  • Chasse
  • Back Whisk
  • Various Pivots
  • Open and Closed Telemark
  • Wing
  • Cross and Drag Hesitation
  • Hover Corte
  • Fallaway Whisk

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