Wedding Dance Classes: How to Get Started

Dance Reverie offers private wedding dance lessons that can be customized around your wedding plans. We understand you want your first dance to be perfect. These are the first steps you take as a married couple. The best way to prepare for your first dance is the same way you plan for other parts of your wedding – flowers, caterers, music, and attire.

We know you have a lot to plan and want your dance lessons to be as stress-free as possible. Dance Reverie caters wedding lessons to couples of all skill levels and requirements. We want you to feel comfortable and confident while preparing for your wedding dance.

Plan your wedding dance lessons several months before your wedding. This way, you have enough time to pick a special song, dance type, or length. Even if you’re not sure about the dance style you want to perform or even the song, we’re here to help your wedding dance be one less item to worry about.

Dance Reverie can even record your lessons to practice at home, play at your wedding, or simply to preserve this special memory forever. Whether you want a casual dance, an elaborate routine, or need lessons ASAP, we would be pleased to make this special occasion elegant and memorable.

Free Lesson

For a free no obligation dance lesson, please fill out the form below (new students only).

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. We can tailor expedited and customized lessons to suit your needs and make sure your wedding dance goes smoothly.

Although everyone is different, we recommend about 6 lessons to prepare you for your wedding dance. However, if you want a more casual approach or are short on time, we can work around you and modify your wedding lessons to fit your approach. All of our wedding classes are private so the focus is entirely on you and your needs.

Dance Reverie’s professional dance instructors are ready to recommend the best dance style/choreography that suits your wedding, dance length, and even assist with picking music. You can ask to learn any ballroom dance, Latin dance, or modern dance for your wedding. Often, the song that you pick determines the dance type.

Worried you’re not a good dancer or have 2 left feet? Don’t! Dance Reverie instructors have worked with many couples who have different levels of dance ability. We’ve seen it all and can confidently say that anyone can learn to dance.

As with everything in life, practice, practice, practice! The more you practice your dance steps the easier and more confident you will feel. Don’t worry! Years from now, you’ll look back and enjoy this spectacular moment in your lives.

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